Somali MPs to Norway


The Oslo Center is proud to welcome Honorable Speaker Mr. Mohamad Osman Jawari. He is accompanied by all the standing committee leaders from the newly formed parliament of Somalia on a study trip to Norway.

Honorable Speaker Mr. Mohamad Osman Jawari

Honorable Speaker Mr. Mohamad Osman Jawari

Over the past year, Somalia has taken steps towards democratization of the war ridden country. The first non-transitional Parliament has been appointed and it has elected a Speaker and a President. Recently the parliament has established fifteen standing committees with responsibility for specific areas of society. The leaders of those committees are joining Hon. Mr. Jawari to Norway for the study visit.

It was an explicit request from the Parliament of Somalia to visit Norway and study the Parliament in its dealings with key social issues across party lines and in dialogue with civil society and government. The delegation will therefore meet some of their Norwegian counterparts and representatives of government and civil society. The goal is to see how they are dealing in terms of coalition building and consultation. The Oslo Center hopes that the visit can strengthen the expertise on parliamentary work and inspire the delegates who are in the process of planning the strategic methods of the standing committees and the Parliament.

The Diaspora

Mr. Jawari himself was living in Trondheim during the civil war in Somalia, and was a distinct voice in the Somali diaspora in Norway. He has expressed a desire to meet Somalis in Norway for a dialogue on the development of the country. In a country that has been marked by war and civil unrest for twenty years it is important to build the country through dialogue between the Somalis in Somalia and those outside of the country. All Somalis want to get the country up and running again, but it must be done through coordinated cooperation.

The meeting will take place in Oslo Kongressenter, Samfunnssalen (close to Sentrum Scene) on Tuesday 9 April at 17.00.



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