Season’s Greetings!


The Oslo Center wishes all its partners, donors and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lunch seminar with Mourou Abdelfattah, First Vice President of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People in Tunisia.
Bondevik met with Suu Kyi in Ocotber in Naypyidaw.
Suu Kyi and Bondevik.
Auction to raise money for democracy.
Kofi Annan at our ten year's anniversary.
Annan and Bondevik.
Rimfeldt, sponsor of the Oslo Center.
Workshop with parliamentarian in Kyrgyz rep.
Madeleine Albright visitting the Oslo Center.
Mi Rot Chan from Myanmar.
Staff and partners from Kenya.
The youth are challenging the panel at the ten year's anniversary.
Guest of honours at our ten year's anniversary.
Bondevik and Kofi Annan.
Workshop in Kenya.
Visit to the Norwegian Parliament.
Visit from Ukraine.
PP Peer Nordic meeting.
PPPeer Networks global confernce in June at Utøya.
Deltagere ved konferansen.
Støre taler til forsamlingen på Utøya.
Lunch outside, PPPeer Networks global confernce in June at Utøya.
Discussions at PPPeer Conference.
President Thabo Mbeki.
Lunch seminar with President Mbeki.
Mbeki and Bondevik.
John Asworth and Bishop Paride Taban.
John Asworth and Bishop Paride Taban.
Oslo Center staff.
Torstad, Albright and Bondevik.
Bondevik and Albright.


The year 2016 has been incredible for the Oslo Center. In May we celebrated our 10th year anniversary highlighting the challenges related to democracy building in an increasingly turbulent world. Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and guest of honor, stated in his speech at the anniversary celebration that; “The task before us today, is no longer simply to campaign for democratic principles; we have to make sure that those principles are actually implemented“.

We share Mr. Annan’s analysis and therefore we have continued to work for democratic principles to be implemented in order for real democratic change to occur in countries such as Kenya, Somalia, Nepal, Ukraine, South Sudan, Myanmar and Kyrgyz Republic.

We have been working with youth organizations in Kenya, South Sudan and Myanmar. Mary Maina the Speaker of Mombasa Youth Assembly, a proud partner of the Oslo Center in Kenya, was invited to Oslo to join the debate at the ten years’ anniversary celebration. In an interview (with TV2) she stressed that the youth in Mombasa are fighting for their voices to be heard, and that they were now waiting for the authorities to implement the issues raised by the youth.

In June, together with The Norwegian Labour Party and The Norwegian Christian Democrats, we organized the Political Party Peer Network conference at Utøya. Representatives from all over the world joined the discussion on how political parties should manage to adapt to changing realities.

Throughout the year we have also received several guests from Norway and abroad. Among them we would especially like to thank President Thabo Mbeki (South Africa), Madeleine K. Albright(USA), Mourou Abdelfattah (Tunisisa), Paride Taban (South Sudan), John Asworth (South Sudan & UK), Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Erling Skjønsberg and Hilde Salvesen (Norway). They have all shared valuable knowledge and contributed greatly in the discussions at our series of seminars.

The Oslo Center is grateful for your support throughout the year. Our vision is a world consisting of stable democracies respecting equality, human dignity and human rights. By bidding on one of these paintings you can support our work for democracy.

The Oslo Center wishes all its partners, donors and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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