Ukrainian Parliamentarians visiting Oslo


This week the Oslo Center hosted a visit from Ukrainian Parliamentarians to Oslo.

When meeting the Speaker Olemic Thommessen, representatives from the Norwegian government, politicians in opposition, Ministries and Committee’s experiences on cooperation within and between political parties were discussed. One of the key issues announced in the meetings was the importance of gaining trust and reaching an understanding between the political parties within a government coalition.

The Parlamentarians represented the parties currently in government; Batkivshchyna, Peoples Front, Samopomich and Petro Poroshenkos bloc.

The visit was cohosted by the National Democratic Institute.

From left to right: Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroid, Hryhoriy Nemyria, Einar Steensnæs, Ivan Kyrylenko, Ostap Semerak, Serhiy Alekseev, Pavlo Pynzenyk, Mary O'Hagan, Natia Jikta, Vitalia Deriabina
Meeting Minister of European Affairs Elisabeth Aspaker, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tore Hattrem and Secretary General Wegger Strømmen
Meeting with the Genereal Secretary for the Conservative Party John-Ragnar Aarset
Meeting the Deputy Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Dagrun Eriksen
From left to right: The Oslo Center Founders Kjell Magne Bondevik and Einar Steensnæs, Director of NDI Kiev Mary O'Hagan and the Ukrainian Parliamentarian Hryhoriy Nemyria


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