Drawing inspiration from The Oslo Center’s work for a more democratic and peaceful world, the Norwegian artist Kjetil Haaland, has over the last year created a collection of three paintings. Now you have a chance to own a painting from this Democracy Series, and raise money for a better world. If you want to make a bid, contact the Oslo Center:


If you want to make a bid, contact the Oslo Center:  

Please note that item three “ON THE WAY TO DEMOCRACY” is sold.

Oslosenteret 1

Item One: Kjetil Haaland, COUNTRIES RE-COMPOSITION, Acrylic on canvas, 150×120 cm Starting price NOK 50.000,- A seemingly abstract painting, but upon a closer look, outlines of certain countries appears. Namely countries that The Oslo Center has assisted. Each country is detached from its original relative geographical position, and appears as pure formal elements in the painting.

Oslosenteret 2

Item Two: Kjetil Haaland, VISIONS OF DEMOCRACY, Acrylic on canvas, 100×80 cm Starting price NOK 30.000,- Visions of Democracy presents people who fought for the democratic idea. Malala Yousafzai, Aung San Suu Kyi and «the father of the democracy», Solon. In addition this painting includes a part of the Norwegian parliament.


Oslosenteret 3

NB! ITEM SOLD! Item Three: Kjetil Haaland, ON THE WAY TO DEMOCRACY, Acrylic on canvas, 100×80 cm Starting price NOK 30.000,- This painting includes fragmented symbols of democracy. In addition to the constitutions of USA, France and Norway, a part of Magna Carta is depicted. This 800 years old medieval document contains thoughts on democracy.


The artist

Kjetil Haaland, who hails from Stavanger, Norway, has during the last years exhibited his paintings in Norway, Italy, Germany, Holland, England, USA and Monaco. Haaland has worked as an illustrator in advertising and was educated at the University of Stavanger and the University of Trondheim (NTNU), where he majored in history (cand.Philol.) He also has a degree in visual communication, design, graphic design and music.

He is the author of «Fra Rogalands Middelalder», a book based on his studies of the Middle Ages.

Over the past years he has cooperated with the charity
organization Right To Play’s auction events.

In connection with one of Haalands exhibitions in Rome, the Italian newspaper Il Tempo, described Haaland’s style in an article as: «Dettagli Come Ispirazione» (Details as an


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