• A milestone reached for the Mombasa Youth Assembly

    For the last four months the Oslo Center has assisted Mombasa Youth Assembly in revising its operational framework building on its strengths and exploring the opportunities. The members of the Mombasa Youth Assembly has reached a milestone with the adoption of the 11 new documents guiding MYA in its performance as a youth Parliament. Read more

  • A collective effort for a better future

    2015 represents an unique and extraordinary opportunity to change the global agenda and set new goals for the future. At the end of September world leaders committed to the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development. All UN countries agreed on how they want the future to look like. Read more

  • Democracy for all?

    Democracy, also known as rule of the people, is a form of government where the people participate in making major decisions for the country. But a modern understanding of democracy entails much more than this. The task of the state in a democracy is not only to act according to what the majority wishes. The rights of minorities have to be safeguarded as well.  Read more

  • Rohingyas fleeing – a disaster waiting to happen

    Thousands of refugees from the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar have been abandoned at sea. They are fleeing from intolerable conditions, and several people have lost their lives due to the dangerous journey. This is happening now, despite the democratic reforms that have gained ground in the country. Read more

  • Ukraine’s two enemies

    «Two enemies are preventing us from developing our country – one external and one internal. The external is the war, the internal the corruption”. This is how a leading Ukrainian politician described the situation in the country in a recent meeting with the Oslo Center in Kiev. Read more

  • The Twitter monarch

    The death of King Abdullah has led to speculations about the future of the royal family in Saudi Arabia. The new King Salman is facing grave challenges, and these developments in Saudi Arabia can be followed on Twitter. Read more

  • A long way from Tahrir to democracy

    Last Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of Egypt’s 2011 uprising. What many hoped would be a peaceful demonstration for democracy turned into a stark reminder of the many challenges Egypt is still facing on its path to democratisation. Read more