• A democracy for the majority

    The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is one of the largest groups of stateless people in the world. Will Obama even mention the group’s name when he visits the country? Read more

  • What kind of interim government for South Sudan?

    The parties to the conflict in South Sudan has now been at the negotiation table in Ethiopia for more than 10 months without reaching a political solution to the conflict that broke out in December last year. They agree in principle on the need for a transitional government, but disagree on its design. Read more

  • The Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites – from vision to action

    In 2011 the «The Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites» was established, created to protect sacred places worldwide. This initiative aims to give guidelines to secure religious adherent the safe use of their sacred places. Providing practical guidelines for safeguarding holy sites, the Code have been applied in local context in pilot-projects in Bosnia Herzegovina, Israel and Palestine. Read more

  • Great progress in Kisumu

    The second workshop on juvenile justice was conducted in Kisumu in September. The participants impressed us with their dedication and commitment to improve the situation for children who come into contact or conflict with the law. Read more