• What kind of interim government for South Sudan?

    The parties to the conflict in South Sudan has now been at the negotiation table in Ethiopia for more than 10 months without reaching a political solution to the conflict that broke out in December last year. They agree in principle on the need for a transitional government, but disagree on its design. Read more

  • Hope amid challenges in Somalia

    On August 1, a member of the Somalian parliament named Sheikh Adan Madar was assassinated in Mogadishu. He was the fifth lawmaker to be killed in 2014. The attacks on MPs come at a time when Somalia’s parliament is developing into a keystone in the democratization process. They are gruesome attempts to intimidate those who work towards a peaceful and democratic Somalia. Read more

  • The fight against a terror-regime

    The recent reports from Iraq has provided us with the dreadful stories on how the Islamic State (IS) is slaughtering people from the Yazidi and Christian minority communities in Iraq. They must be stopped. Unfortunately I do not see a peaceful solution to the tragedy. Read more

  • Difficult dialogue

    Dialogue experts from several countries were gathered in Budapest this weekend to discuss why dialogue matters. What are the main challenges, developments and new trends in dialogue facilitation? Read more