• Religious minorities in mass exodus

    There is much attention these days to the brutal and unacceptable misbehavior of the terrorist organization IS in Iraq, especially against the religious Yazid minority. Persecution of religious minorities is today extensively worldwide and is also increasing. Millions are displaced. Read more

  • The fight against a terror-regime

    The recent reports from Iraq has provided us with the dreadful stories on how the Islamic State (IS) is slaughtering people from the Yazidi and Christian minority communities in Iraq. They must be stopped. Unfortunately I do not see a peaceful solution to the tragedy. Read more

  • The indivisibility of human rights

    Since the adoption of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), there has been a longstanding debate over the relationship between the two sets of rights. Are they indeed indivisible and interrelated, or must one set of rights be accorded priority? Read more

  • The Soviet Legacy

    Kyrgyzstan consists of a rich diversity of different religious groups and movements. Even though the country’s constitution now secures full freedom of religion or belief, the post-Soviet country struggles to find the right balance between religious freedom and state control. Read more

  • “Stand up, Ye Men, Who do not want to welcome Jews to our Country”

    This was cried out by a farmer from Lista at the National Assembly at Eidsvoll in 1814 , according to the diary of Magistrate Thomas Bryn. " - which immediately, as by an electric chock , was followed”, he told further. It settled the controversy over the so-called Jews’ clause, whereby also Jesuits and monastic orders were denied access to the Kingdom. Read more

  • Workshop with parliamentarians in Bishkek

    Kyrgyzstan is facing challenges when it comes to fundamental human rights like freedom of religion or belief. The Oslo Center and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee wish to raise awareness of the importance of human rights obligations. Read more

  • Help the helpless

    20 years have passed since the genocide in Rwanda shock the world and reminded us about the importance of international actors acting on behalf of the voiceless. The stateless Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar suffer in silence under similar conditions. Read more