• Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator's Guide was launched in Oslo in May.

    Concept Development/ Guidelines

    Political parties and organizations need to have the capacity to both compete and cooperate. "Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator's Guide" - the ultimate guidebook for organizing or taking part in political dialogues. Read more

  • 111012 Kenyaseminar 118

    Democracy Assistance in Kenya

    The purpose of the Oslo Center's Kenya program is to build a stronger democracy in Kenya. We will do this by actively supporting the increasingly strengthened political institutions and the democratic processes that are under construction in Kenya, as well as facilitating increased political dialogue between the political parties and actors. Read more

  • Aspiring political parties in Oslo Center workshop. Photo: Ebba Tellander

    Democracy Assistance in Somalia

    The overall goal of the project is to strengthen democratic political institutions and processes in Somalia. The work has throughout the program focused on long term preparation for a multi-party system with representative political parties. Read more

  • Bilde 125

    Democracy Assistance in South Sudan

    South Sudan faces significant challenges and opportunities when they as the youngest nation in the world are trying to build up a new state apparatus. The Oslo Centre wants to help strengthen the democratic institutions and the legal framework of the country, as well as build up a long-term program for Democracy. Read more

  • South_Africa_Cape_Town_ Zinatul_Islam_Mosque_sep_06_04

    Religion and Development

    Religion is one of several significant dimensions for understanding the conduct of a Jewish settler or rage among Pakistani Muslims over a drawing of the Prophet Mohammed in a Norwegian newspaper. The project on Religion and Development is hence about knowledge, not primarily about religious teachings and theological interpretations, but addresses the nexus between religion and political dynamics. Read more

  • Graveyard, Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina

    A Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites

    In 2011 the «The Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites» was established, created to protect sacred places worldwide. This initiative aims to secure religious adherent the safe use of their sacred places. The Code of Conduct main purpose is to serve as a tool for initiating cooperation and reconciliation between ethnic and religious communities. Read more

  • 2012-11-19 11.48.54


    The Oslo Center has started developing a Youth Dialogue forum for different ethnic minorities. We organized the first one in October 2013 together with local partners. Our aim is to contribute to creating a forum where young people can come together and discuss their future, in a way that hopefully will create a foundation for building trust and stability when these young people later take on political positions. Read more

  • Kenya3

    Child Rights in Kenya

    The Oslo Center is actively engaged in promoting the rights of the child in Kenya. Kenya is a country where we are already heavily involved in the reform process, and thus a country where the Oslo Center can contribute to place children’s rights on the agenda. Read more

  • kyrgyz project

    Good governance – the Kyrgyz Republic

      The Kyrgyzstani Parliament The Oslo Center, together with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, is cooperating with Kyrgyzstani political parties on strengthening democratic institutions and practices in the Kyrgyz Republic. As part of our effort to this end we have held […] Read more