Democracy Assistance in Somalia

Technical advisers to the Somali parliament at the field office in Mogadishu. Photo: Ebba Tellander
Study visit to Kenya for political associations Photo: Ebba Tellander
Workshop with political associations. Photo: Ebba Tellander
Represeantive of a political association received information about the registration process in Kenya. Foto: Ebba Tellander
Training with aspiring political parties. Photo: Ebba Tellander
Kommende politisk partier i Somalia. Foto: Ebba Tellander
Representative from an aspiring political party during a study visit in Nairobi. Photo: Ebba Tellander
Prime Minster Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed during a meeting with Mr. Bondevik in Oslo 2014.
Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed and Mr. Bondevik in Oslo.
Youth are playing football at Lido beach in Mogadishu. Photo: Ebba Tellander
Youth playing fotball at Lido beach in Somalia. Photo: Ebba Tellander
Representatives of political parties in Oslo.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen democratic political institutions and processes in Somalia. The work has throughout the program focused on long term preparation for a multi-party system with representative political parties.

The Oslo Center started its work in Somalia in collaboration with NDI in 2010. The Oslo Center is currently implementing a program to strengthen and preparing aspiring political parties to become democratic and functioning organizations and prepare for the registration process of political parties in Somalia.  The Oslo Center has supported these organizations with capacity and technical know-how. The Oslo Center has since 2012 supported the parliament in Somalia through a Secondment program providing Somali technical expertise in areas requested by the parliamentary committees. Finally, the Oslo Center supported a parliamentary ad-hoc committee with the development of a political party law outlining the legal and regulatory framework political parties should operate within. This law was signed by the Somali President in 2016.


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