• Konseptutvikling/ Håndbok

    "Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator's Guide" er boka for deg som organiserer og deltar i dialog mellom politiske parti. Den er basert på politiske og praktiske dilemmaer som kan være nyttig for de som skal bidra til å utvikle denne dialogen på bakkeplan. Les mer

  • Good Governance of Natural Resources

    Based on Norwegian experiences with management of oil and gas reserves on Norway’s continental shelf, the Oslo Center want to provide valuable contributions to a better, more prudent and transparent management of mineral resources in relevant countries, primarily in Asia. Les mer

  • Supporting youth in Myanmar

    In Myanmar the Oslo Center is supporting youth to raise, discuss and advocate for issues of their own concern so that they can take active part in the democratic processes of the country. Les mer

  • Democracy assistance in Somalia

    The overall goal of the project is to strengthen democratic political institutions and processes in Somalia. The work has throughout the program focused on long term preparation for a multi-party system with representative political parties. Les mer

  • Democracy assistance in Kenya

    The purpose of the Oslo Center's Kenya program is to build a stronger democracy in Kenya. We will do this by actively supporting the increasingly strengthened political institutions and the democratic processes that are under construction in Kenya, as well as facilitating increased political dialogue between the political parties and actors. Les mer

  • Democracy Assistance in South Sudan

    The goal of the project has been to involve youth in political and legislative processes. Through the established Youth Dialogue Forums at State and National level, the project aims to unite youth across ethnic divides, engage them in relevant political and governance issues and contribute to realize peace and reconcilliation at local and national levels. Les mer

  • Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites

    In 2011 the «The Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites» was established, created to protect sacred places worldwide. This initiative aims to secure religious adherent the safe use of their sacred places. The Code of Conduct main purpose is to serve as a tool for initiating cooperation and reconciliation between ethnic and religious communities. Les mer

  • Good governance – the Kyrgyz republic

    The Kyrgyzstani Parliament The Oslo Center, together with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, is cooperating with Kyrgyzstani political parties on strengthening democratic institutions and practices in the Kyrgyz Republic. As part of our effort to this end we have held workshops […] Les mer